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Visar Ymeri quits amid internal Vetevendosje’s faction

Visar Ymeri quits amid internal Vetevendosje’s faction GazetaExpress

Vetevendosje chairman, Visar Ymeri, resigned on Tuesday from all his functions in the party. Appearing at a press conference Ymeri said that he has decided to leave the position of Vetevendosje chairman, the position of the member of the party Presidency and the General Council because of the recent situation in the party.

“As of today I have decided to resign irrevocably from all of my positions in Vetevendosje,” said Ymeri. He also said the resignation should be understood as an alarming sign of the current situation in the party, and that he was forced to take this decision given that internally he was not respected as a chairman of the party. According to Ymeri, the foundations of the party have been shaken in the last year, as they have been facing a defamation campaign by people speaking on behalf of Albin Kurti, despite the fact that they agreed to stop this practise. He said that such a way of functioning is dangerous and risks the future of the entire Vetevendosje Movement. Ymeri’s resignation came after internal factions within the Vetevendosje movement, after some of the senior officials of the biggest opposition party in Kosovo are openly opposing the candidacy of Albin Kurti for the head of this party. Kurti is founder of Vetevendosje.    

    Date: 03 January 2018 10:49
    Author: GazetaExpress