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Veseli says Vucic wants Ujman Lake belongs to Serbia

Veseli says Vucic wants Ujman Lake belongs to Serbia GazetaExpress

Chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, PDK, and Speaker of Parliament, Kadri Veseli, in a Facebook post confirmed that Serbia wants to take over the Ujman Lake located in the Serb-controlled northern part of Kosovo.

Veseli commenting on the visit of Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic in Kosovo over the weekend said that Vucic’s visit at the Ujman lake demonstrates political hegemony of Serbia over that part of Kosovo. “I consider the performance at the Ujman dam  as a pure demonstration of a political hegemony,” Veseli said. He also said Vucic’s addressing at the Ujman lake was in violation with every security protocol by organising a press conference over a dam.

He said that Serbian leaders are continuing the tradition of ex-Serbia leader Slobodan Milosevic who never came to help or protect Serbs in Kosovo but only for political promotion. He also said that recent developments are related to the final phase of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia and called on politicians to unite and be prepared for the challenges ahead. He also thanked citizens, the Kosovo Police and KFOR for ensuring security and managing the situation during Vucic’s visit. The PDK chairman in his reaction has not mentioned the protest of the Drenica region residents who barred Vucic from visiting the village Banje of Skenderaj municipality.

    Date: 09 September 2018 16:56
    Author: GazetaExpress