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Thaci says ambassadors overreacted related to Special Court’s initiative

Thaci says ambassadors overreacted related to Special Court’s initiative  GazetaExpress

Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci, says the decision on establishment of the Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecution Office remains into force, despite the initiative of Kosovo MPs to repeal the Law.

During an interview with the Voice of America, Thaci said that the debate triggered following an initiative of Kosovo MPs to revoke the Law on war crimes court was “exaggerated” provoking “unnecessary panic.”

“I am concerned with the overreaction related to the initiative of Kosovo MPs,” Thaci said, referring to the surprise move of Kosovo MPs on the night of 22 December, who launched a petition to call an extraordinary session of the Assembly to repeal the Law on Special Court which will deal with alleged crimes committed by the KLA.

When asked to comment the reaction of foreign ambassadors who strongly opposed the initiative warning of serious consequences, Thaci said that Kosovo is respecting the Law, noting that there is no need for exaggerations which as he said, “have created unnecessary panic in Kosovo.” The initiative of Kosovo MPs on 22 December has collapsed after opposition parties boycotted the Assembly’s Presidency meeting. Media reported that the initiative was backed by Kosovo leaders, including President Thaci, and Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj. It remains unknown whether MPs will gave up the initiative.

    Date: 11 January 2018 11:47
    Author: GazetaExpress