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Serbs angry on their MPs for entering coalition with Haradinaj

Serbs angry on their MPs for entering coalition with Haradinaj GazetaExpress

Decision of Serbian MPs from Srpska List to be represented in the new Kosovo Government headed by Ramush Haradinaj has angered political entities representing Kosovo Serbs as well as opposition parties in Serbia.

Many Serbian citizens are criticising the decision of Srpska List to join Ramush Haradinaj’s Government composed of a coalition of former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) commanders who fought against Serbian armed forces during the Kosovo war in 1998-99. One of the Serbs, Kuslo Guster, told media that Srpska List is trying to “justify” their action by lying. “People, do not fall into the trap and don’t let them lie you. Nothing has happened when it comes to establishment of the Association [of Serb-run Municipalities]. Former Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic who now is President of Serbia, after a meeting in Brussels stated that establishment of the Association… will start as of tomorrow, but obviously this was only a lie,” he said. Also Kosovo Serb Party, headed by former Kosovo Minister Aleksandar Jablanovic has criticised Srpska’s decision to join Haradinaj’s government. Also opposition political parties in Serbia have criticised the decision of Srpska to enter coalition with former KLA commanders. 

In January 2017 authorities in France arrested former KLA commander and leader of the AAK, Ramush Haraidnaj, based on a warrant issued by Serbia on alleged war crimes. Later Haradinaj was released, but Serbian authorities claim that they will not withdraw the warrant against Haradinaj blaming him on committing war crimes against local Serbs in Kosovo.  

    Date: 12 September 2017 10:58
    Author: GazetaExpress