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President Thaci signs 49 Million Dollar Agreement With MCC

President Thaci signs 49 Million Dollar Agreement With MCC GazetaExpress

Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi who is staying in Washington, US, signed on Wednesday on behalf of the Republic of Kosovo, the agreement between Kosovo and Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

President Thaçi said that this is a big day for Kosovo noting that the Agreement with the MCC opens a new page of relations with the US, focusing on economic development and rule of law. He said that this agreement is an important tool on supporting citizens of Kosovo. “It will help Kosovo establish a foundation that will invest almost 50 million dollars. These investments will help Kosovo government and Kosovo businesses deal with electricity supply, with energy saving and with making government transparent for citizens”, President Thaci said according to a press release issued by his Office.

The President said that since the first day of his presidency he has followed the MCC process, adding that this agreement and this day today is only made possible with great help of the US Congressman Eliot Engel. “Thank you Congressman for your dedication to Kosovo and for bringing MCC to Kosovo. Thank you to honourable members of Congress and Senate that have helped Kosovo in this process. Also thank you to our teams, led by Sarah Olmstad and Petrit Selimi who have worked very hard and very fast to create the projects and to bring this agreement to this day”, President Thaci siad.

He further said that Kosovo remains committed to implementation of projects. “We have new government but as President of the Republic I can confirm that the MCC projects are supported by all political parties and by all institutions. Kosovo civil society and Kosovo private sector will also be important elements of the support,” Thaci said.

On the other hand MCC Acting CEO Jonathan Nash said that the MCC helps governments connect some of the world’s poorest people to jobs, markets, and opportunities. “The U.S. Government, through MCC, will work with the Government of Kosovo to implement policy and institutional reforms that increase transparency and strengthen the country’s energy sector”, he said. Meanwhile, US Congressman Eliot Engel said that, “Kosovo is moving along the path toward Euro-Atlantic integration, and this new partnership will help push the country toward that goal”.

Whereas, Petrit Selimi, National Coordinator for the Millennium Challenge in Kosovo, said that the signing of the Threshold Agreement is the end of the process of developing projects but it also marks a beginning of an exciting new opportunity for Kosovo institutions, civil society and private sector to cooperate in fixing some of the most important constrains to growth in Kosovo. We look forward to seeing the projects start on the ground and deliver results that will help Kosovo tackle energy efficiency, corruption and good governance as well as air pollution”.

The MCC “Threshold” program is focused on critical areas for Kosovo’s future, and it will accelerate investments in energy efficiency and will support efforts to promote an effective and accountable governance.

    Date: 13 September 2017 12:40
    Author: GazetaExpress