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Pacolli sets priorities Kosovo’s foreign policy

Pacolli sets priorities Kosovo’s foreign policy GazetaExpress

Newly appointed minister of Foreign Affairs and first deputy prime minister, Behgjet Pacolli in a message posted in his Facebook account late on Monday announced priorities of his mandate.

After assuming his office on Monday, Pacolli promised his lobbying for international recognition of Kosovo based on his past experience as a successful businessman and politician. He also announced substantial changes in the diplomatic personnel of Kosovo. “I think time has come for a substantial change of our diplomatic personnel to improve the image of our new country, to increase quality of the personnel and accelerate our international integration,” Pacolli wrote.

Pacolli also said that Albania remains Kosovo’s main ally and welcomed Tirana’s proposal for implementation of a joint economic area, and pledged to work on removing all economic barrier between the two countries.

He also said that Kosovo should maintain its good relations with the US, EU and friendly countries of Kosovo. Talking about integration of Kosovo, Pacolli said that qualitative recognitions of statehood, normalisation of relations with neighbours, intensification of economic relations are key for Kosovo’s integration. “We will work closely for Kosovo’s membership into various international organisations. Visa liberalisation remains our priority,” Pacolli wrote. 

    Date: 12 September 2017 10:23
    Author: GazetaExpress