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Kosovo-Serbia dialogue resumes on Tuesday

Kosovo-Serbia dialogue resumes on Tuesday GazetaExpress

The Pristina-Belgrade dialogue will resume on Tuesday (16 January) in Brussels. The news has been confirmed by Avni Arifi, who on Friday was appointed chief negotiator of Kosovo Government in talks with Serbia.

Arifi said that Kosovo delegation is expected to travel to Brussels on 16 January and they have already started preparations for a three-day meeting. “We will have additional information related to this visit in coming days,” he told Klan Kosova TV. However Arifi confirmed that the political talks will be headed by Kosovo president, Hashim Thaci, and the Government’s role will be implementation of the reached agreements.

The Government of Kosovo has on Friday appointed Arifi as the head of Kosovo’s delegation in talks with Serbia. He has replaced former minister of dialogue, Edita Tahiri, and the main task of the Government's team is to handle the technical level of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue in Brussels facilitated by the European Union.

    Date: 13 January 2018 12:33
    Author: GazetaExpress