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Kosovo Serb couple found dead at home in Obiliq

Kosovo Serb couple found dead at home in Obiliq GazetaExpress

Two people were found dead in their family home on Friday at the village Babimoc of Obiliq. Gazeta Express has learned that the victims are a couple of Serbian nationality.

The Kosovo Police gave no information on the cause of the suspicious death of the Kosovo Serb couple that shocked Obiliq and Kosovo. A source told Gazeta Express, that the first person to report the case to the police was the brother of the woman victim. He went to a family visit to his sister and found the door closed. The witness said that he found lifeless victims in separate rooms. The man was covered in blood and the witness saw a kitchen knife near his body, whereas the woman’s body was laying at the couch with a rope around her neck. According to other witnesses, reportedly the husband had some mentall disorders and he asked for help at the Neuropsychiatric clinics many times, whereas the woman was with physical disabilities. /Express

    Date: 09 January 2018 10:26
    Author: GazetaExpress