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Kosovo ready to react to provocations, says PM Haradinaj

Kosovo ready to react to provocations, says PM Haradinaj GazetaExpress

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said Friday that Pristina is ready to respond to any provocation and anyone acting against the law, adding that he did not have indication that something might happen.

He made the comments after meeting the National Security Council, at which he warned that Kosovo authorities would react to anyone acting against the law. “Anyone entering Kosovo aiming to cause incidents would also be dealt with. “If anything happens, we are in a state of readiness to act,” Haradinaj said.

He made the comments answering to journalists questions on plans of Kosovo Serbs to declare autonomy in the north of the country. He called these allegations as “rhetoric of Belgrade.”

“Tomorrow (Saturday) working group might submit the report on the draft-statute of Association of Serb-majority Municipalities. We are respecting the obligations deriving from the EU-facilitated dialogue of Brussels, because after we receive the report we should assess whether the draft statute of the Association is in compliance with our laws. Nobody have the right to take unilateral actions,” Haradinaj said. After meeting the National Security Council, Haradinaj said that security situation in Kosovo is calm and stable adding however that he asked stepping up security level in case of any emergency.

    Date: 03 August 2018 20:21
    Author: GazetaExpress