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Kosovo Police raids Serb parallel municipality of Peja in Gorazdevac

Kosovo Police raids Serb parallel municipality of Peja in Gorazdevac GazetaExpress

Media in Serbia are reporting that Kosovo Police special forces carried out a search operation on Wednesday evening within premises of the so-called ‘Municipality of Peja’, a parallel institution located in the Serb-inhabited enclave of Gorazdevac, near Peja municipality.

According to Serbia's state-run news agency Tanjug and other Serb media, the Kosovo Police in addition to the search operation have interviewed Momo Dasic, secretary of the Red Cross Office, operating under Serbia's Red Cross Office, whereas parallel mayor of Peja, Milos Dimitrijevic, has been summoned to the police for an interview. Media report that the Kosovo Police have arrested also two secretaries of the Red Cross in Serb-run municipality of Gracanica and Dragas and confiscated documents from the Red Cross Offices in these two municipalities. The police officers visited also the Office of the Red Cross Coordinator for Kosovo in Mitrovica North and municipality building of Obilic, located in Plemetin.

The so-called Secretary of the Red Cross for Kosovo, Dragisa Murganic said that the police searched their premises after they carried out a census aiming at drafting a social aid list. There is no official confirmation from the Kosovo Police related to this operation.  

    Date: 14 September 2017 10:11
    Author: GazetaExpress