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Government congratulates citizens on Kosovo Army

Government congratulates citizens on Kosovo Army GazetaExpress

The Government of Kosovo has congratulated citizens after the Parliament passed a package of laws enabling transition of the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) into an army stating that the army is the final step on consolidating country’s statehood ten years after declaration of independence.

“The Government of the Republic of Kosovo considers that Kosovo’s right for an army, a multiethnic and professional force built under the highest NATO standards, stems from sacrifice and freedom, from the rule of law, the sovereign, the will of the citizens to protect and promote pro-Western values in Kosovo and beyond,” The Government’s statement reads. “Kosovo is NATO and NATO is Kosovo. For this no one has any doubt. Together with the allies, NATO will be only in the service of democracy, security, peace and development in Kosovo, the region and wherever it is required,” according to a press release of the Kosovo Government.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement announced that the transition of the KSF is just the beginning of a process that will take several years and be under full coordination with Kosovo’s allies and NATO.

    Date: 14 December 2018 13:55
    Author: GazetaExpress