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Draft Law on Army ready by April

Draft Law on Army ready by April GazetaExpress

On 17 February Kosovo celebrates tenth anniversary of its Independence. But despite being independent and sovereign the country has not established its regular army which is one of the main pillars of a sovereign state. The Ministry of Kosovo Security Force (KSF) says that the Draft Law on transformation of the KSF in Kosovo Army will be ready by the end of April at latest.

The Minister of Kosovo Security Forces, Rrustem Berisha told the daily Zeri that the draft law on transformation of the KSF into army will be proceeded to the Government by the end of April at latest. Berisha said that the lightly armed KSF which has a civilian mission, is ready to be transformed into army. “The draft law on amending/supplementing the laws related to Kosovo Army will be finalised and proceeded to the Government of Kosovo on 30 April at latest,” he told Zeri noting that it is up to to Kosovo Government to vote necessary changes of the Constitution enabling establishment of the Army.

In order for Kosovo to transform the KSF into army constitutional changes are needed. Considering current constellation of political forces in the Kosovo Assembly the vote of ten Serbian MPs is crucial for the creation of Army. However Serbian MPs are opposing transformation of the KSF with the justification that Kosovo has KFOR peacekeepers and does not need its army. Kosovo President Hashim Thaci proposed last year transformation of the KSF into army through amending current Law on KSF but the move was criticised by internationals and NATO who stated that they would support transformation of the KSF into army only through constitutional amendments. 

    Date: 12 January 2018 11:03
    Author: GazetaExpress