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Serbia can’t take Kosovo market by force, says PM Haradinaj

Serbia can’t take Kosovo market by force, says PM Haradinaj GazetaExpress

A day ahead of US Under-Secretary of State David Hale’s visit to Kosovo, the Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said that he will not allow Serbia take Kosovo’s market by force and refuse to recognise independence of the country.

The Prime Minister Haradinaj during a visit to Suhareka municipality in southern Kosovo, said that Kosovo will not give nothing in return of recognition from Belgrade. Haradinaj revealed that internationals asked him what Kosovo is ready to give in exchange of recognition from Serbia, adding that Kosovo has nothing to give in return. Recognition of Kosovo from Serbia, according to Haradinaj, cannot be sought by opening discussions on redrawing of borders. “We cannot give Serbia nothing additionally for something that is ours, to live in our land. We have given everything; therefore, we have remained a small country. We can no longer make concessions. We can agree with Serbia to move forward, but not to forget. The recognition from Serbia should come as an apology, and not to give them land, by allowing experiments with borders,” Haradinaj said, Gazeta Express reports.  

He also called as unjust opposition of some countries to Kosovo’s initiative to create its army. “I was told to go to Brussels, to discuss this issues to Brussels as well as discuss with Serbia, So, we were asked to consult with Serbia about our army, whereas Serbia is allowed to buy weapons from Russia and is asking no one. And I asked internationals, how come we are not allowed to have the right to defend ourselves. It is the same army that killed us and continues purchasing weapons. And internationals again come and exert pressure on the weakest side telling us not to create army,” Haradinaj said adding that when Kosovo told the truth to some of its allies, got the green light to move forward and create its army.

He also mentioned Serbia’s aggressive campaign against Kosovo’s aspirations to become member of Interpol and UNESCO, as well as campaign to withdraw recognitions of Kosovo. Haradinaj said that after all this battle against Kosovo’s statehood, Pristina has decided to introduce 100 percent tax on Serbian goods. “Now all of the sudden Serbia is playing the victim. This is the best thing Serbia knows to do best, to play the victim,” Haradinaj said. /GazetaExpress/

    Date: 08 March 2019 18:31
    Author: GazetaExpress