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Kosovo’s opposition says Law on dialogue with Serbia is unconstitutional

Kosovo’s opposition says Law on dialogue with Serbia is unconstitutional GazetaExpress

Kosovo’s biggest opposition party says they will challenge at the Constitutional Court the Law on dialogue with Belgrade which was approved Thursday by Kosovo Parliament. The LDK considers the Law as unconstitutional.

Chief of Parliamentary Group of LDK, Avdullah Hoti, said the LDK is ready to address the Constitutional Court for an interpretation, whether the Law on dialogue, approved Thursday by Kosovo Parliament is in line with the Constitution of Kosovo. Hoti made the comments during an interview with RTV21. He said the approach of Kosovo institutions towards dialogue with Serbia is harming Kosovo’s statehood, accusing the Government and other state institutions of acting like in times when Kosovo was not independent. The LDK and the other opposition party – Vetevendosje boycotted Thursday’s session of Parliament dissatisfied with the Government’s sponsored Law on dialogue with Serbia. Opposition parties consider that Kosovo needs no special law for dialogue, adding that state institutions should only respect the Constitution and applicable laws of Kosovo. The Parliament approved on Thursday the Law on dialogue and a Platform on a comprehensive legally-binding agreement between Kosovo and Serbia. Belgrade has also criticised Kosovo’s Parliament decision saying that adoption of platform shows Pristina is not interested in continuation of the EU-facilitated dialogue in Brussels.  

    Date: 08 March 2019 18:14
    Author: GazetaExpress